Discovering the Archaeologists of Africa – update

Discovering the Archaeologists of Africa is a project to identify how many archaeologists work in Africa, what they do, what their skills and qualifications are and then to use these data to help build capacity across the continent. The project has reached the point where preliminary results from the first stage have been presented, firstly…

Discovering the Archaeologists of Africa

Archaeological remains in Africa are being damaged or destroyed without being adequately investigated, preserved, conserved or understood.

The reasons for this are rooted in a combination of global demand for minerals, rapid urbanization and the pressures of conflict and climate change, compounded by colonial histories, weak legislation, confused cultural attitudes to heritage and lack of investment in archaeological organisations.

Mycenae: a trip to the fortress

Basically for years I have dreamed about visiting the site of ancient Mycenae in Greece and so I may be a bit biased when it comes to describing about my experiences when I finally visited there. Actually this holds true for most ancient sites in Greece. But holding unnaturally high expectations of a site is…